Using my unique ability to combine Comedy Entertainment and Education, I will put an end to dull seminars. I will show your employees how to use their subconscious potential to help your bottom line!

I travel coast-to-coast performing my Powers of the Mind Comedy Hypnosis Show and then following it with a unique motivational seminar. A fun seminar designed to unlock the hidden potential inside the mind.

The key to a successful seminar is that everyone gets to see the Comedy Hypnosis Show first. This is critical because after watching the show, the audience is more eager to absorb the seminar material.

I am certified in Clinical and Emergency Hypnosis. I will show you how to reduce stress in the workplace, increase sales performance and enhance your overall company productivity by utilizing the same hypnosis techniques for the Comedy Hypnosis show.

Popular Topics Include...

  • Communication
  • Stress Reduction
  • Improving Sales Performance
  • Pattern Modification
  • Health, Body and Mind
  • Body Language
  • Rapport Building
  • Sports Enhancement

Seminar Videos

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