An image of a woman in the audience with her head tilted back laughing hysterically.

"I haven't laughed that hard in years! 100% Hysterical!"

Many people have seen a Comedy Hypnosis show either on TV or in a comedy club, but what makes a Comedy Hypnosis show such a success in the corporate world? You actually know and get to watch the people you work with completely out of character, and that's funny!

My program is always clean. This show is so funny so there is no need to be rude. My goal is to be invited back again and again. I will always treat your guests with respect.

A Corporate Stage Hypnotist is like a casting director for a movie. Selecting creative people who can vividly imagine and act on what is written in the script as if it were really happening.

Comedy Hypnosis is interactive corporate entertainment with guests from the audience responding in a variety of different ways making no two shows the same. It's also perfect convention entertainment.